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Týsdagin 5. des byrjar ein forvitnislig framsýning í Ostahúsinum við listamanninum David Sebastián Lopez Restrepo, ið er føddur í Kolumbia, men er í løtuni búsitandi í Danmark.

Listamaðurin greiður soleiðis frá framsýningini :

“”Fragments” is an exhibition of analogic collage, where the memory is the material for construct new realities. Each work explores the possibility of creating stories from old characters. I make interventions with watercolour and drawing ink, trying to re compose by mixing those stories. In that process the collage start reaching his own memory, one where the timeline is disrupted by mixed images. The audience will find in those fragments, pieces of the Faroese history, their friends and families in a fictional landscape.”


Opið er:
Týsdagin 5/12 Fernisering kl. 18-20
Mikudagin 6/12 – Sunnudagin 10/12 Kl. 15-20


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